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"I wish I'd known about the true miracle of these digestive enzymes a long time ago. My dog had allergy problems... we bought Enzyme Miracle with Probiotic Miracle, and it really did the trick. I researched other digestive enzymes for dogs too, but no other product I found had vegetarian enzymes and showed the actual amounts of the enzymes. Enzyme Miracle has a high amount of Protease which is important and I also like that there's no fillers or flavorings in the powder. We've noticed a LOT LESS SHEDDING TOO!! Highly recommend.!"*

- Brittney

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About Nusentia™ Dog Supplements

At Nusentia, we're elevating pet nutrition to human standards and beyond...™


At Nusentia our goal is to elevate pet nutrition to human standards and beyond. Our commitment is to create high quality pet products which are based on specific research for the pets they are intended.

We value the relationship with our customers and keep the health of their beloved pets always in mind. Our promise of creating more advanced and sophisticated formulas which will promote the health of pets is realized through:

We hope you become part of the Nusentia family and let us serve the health of your pet over its lifetime.

Wishing you and your pet the best of health,

The Nusentia Team

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