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"No other enzyme supplement worked as well as Enzyme Miracle for my dog. I also like that it is easy to use and does not contain any flavorings or fillers that can be bad for my dog's health. Thank you for a health dog."*

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Enzymes for Dogs: Questions & Answers

Why are there so many types of enzymes in Enzyme Miracle®? and how do I know which enzymes are best for dogs?

Digestive enzymes are specific and will thus digest only specific types of foods. Also, some enzymes are classified as "systemic enzymes" which work to break down elements in the body including, yeast and fungus. For complete digestion and overall health, you must have each specific enzyme to digest each type of food ingredient, plus, systemic enzymes to support metabolic functions. The eleven plant-derived enzymes found in Enzyme Miracle® have been carefully selected and balanced to be the perfect compliment to your pet's diet every day.

For superior results, use the companion probiotic supplement, Probiotic Miracle® for pets along with Enzyme Miracle® and give your pet every advantage for a long and healthy life!

How do I know that Enzyme Miracle is the right digestive enzyme supplement for my dog?

The digestive enzyme supplement for your dog should have 4 characteristics listed here.

What is the difference between pancreatic enzymes (animal based enzymes) and vegetarian (non-animal) enzymes?

Enzyme Miracle® is 100% vegetarian and does NOT contain any animal based enzymes, which can be toxic to your pet over time. Because vegetarian digestive enzymes are stable in the stomach acid and bile, they can begin their digestive action immediately after the food reaches the stomach with little or no side effects. Read more about it here.

How does Enzyme Miracle® take the stress off my dog's pancreas and of what benefit is it?

The primary benefit from Enzyme Miracle® is removing the digestive burden off the pancreas to produce all the enzymes for your dog's digestion at each meal. The vegetarian enzymes take over and allow your dog's digestion to operate more smoothly. Customers usually notice less shedding, better skin & coat, and more natural energy as a result of less bodily stress from digestion.

What is the difference between systemic enzymes and digestive enzymes?

Both systemic and digestive enzymes can be beneficial for dogs. Read: Systemic and Digestive Enzymes for Dogs, What Are the Differences?

What are some short and long term benefits of Enzyme Miracle® for dogs?

For the most part, pet parents report that their dog or cat had less fullness after meals, faster emptying of stomach contents, decreased gas, less stool being passed, and more regular bowel habits when using digestive enzymes. Enzyme Miracle helps eliminate bad bacteria in the colon, and the result is usually less gas and odor from dogs, however, individual results may vary.

I feed my dog a raw diet, does my dog need digestive enzymes?

Enzymes are always beneficial for dogs, even those fed a raw food diet. However, if you feed your dog a raw diet, you can reduce the dosage by half, but don't ever worry about "overdoing" it. Enzyme Miracle® will replace the enzymes lost in freezing and handling of the meat. Those enzymes will also work on inhalant allergens, such as, pollen, dander, dust mite feces, even break down yeast and fungi

 *Indiviual results may vary.